Miura Regulatory Portal


The Miura Regulatory Portal is a cloud-based solution which traces your business back to each line of the regulation to ensure your financial services business is compliant
It covers most Financial services regulations (AIFMD, CASS, EMIR, MAD/MAR), but it’s MIFID II Module, comprehensive MiFID II solution for your business. Our MiFID II Compliance Module links your business functionality back to over 600 points in the MiFID II Regulation, allowing you to track your MiFID II Compliance monthly, weekly or even daily…on your phone if you require. Our MiFID II Reporting Module offers all the MiFID II Reporting on our market-leading platform.

The Miura MIFID II Portal enables you to:

  1. MIFID II Gap Analysis – Complete your MiFID II Gap Analysis is a matter of days/weeks with the MiFID II Compliance Module.
  2. MIFID II Programme Management – Track your MIFID II Programme through to completion (all your project deliverables linked back to the regulation for traceability).
  3. Full MIFID II Compliance Tracking – Through linking through to each of your MiFID II Project solutions, Miura’s Compliance portal allows you to track your overall MiFID II Compliance either daily, weekly, monthly…even on your phone.
  4. MIFID II Reporting Portal – Through it’s partnership with SAS, the global technology company, Miura provides a full suite of MIFID II Reports including Best Execution and a full suite of Transaction Reporting on it’s MIFID II Reporting Module.
  5. Full MIFID II-Lite Solution – The MIFID II Compliance Portal provides a “full MiFID II-Lite” solution for small Financial Services Organisations (e.g. Brokers, Hedge Funds), including Data Storage requirements.
  6. Full-MIFID II Compliant Software Solution – Through it’s partnership’s with Calypso and a Trading Venue software provider, Miura can also provide a comprehensive MiFID II Compliant software solution for your whole Banking/SI organisation.

Miura Consulting (UK) Limited - Regulatory Consultancy for Financial Institutions in London



Miura aim to have their first client “mifid2prepared*” by Dec 2016, a full 12 months ahead of the MiFID II deadline. If you would like to speak to our reference client or have a demo of their solution, please speak to our sales team. (*By “mifid2prepared” we mean, a full gap analysis complete, and all technology solutions developed and in testing. The project is then on hold waiting for the rest of the market to catch up and some of the regulations to be finalised)



Miura, through their SAS based MIFID II Reporting can support all the MIFID II Best Execution Reporting. We support all the RTS 28 Top 5 Trading Venue Reporting and also the RTS 27 reports. We are also the first in the market to automate the RTS 28 Qualitative Report
Miura Consulting (UK) Limited - Regulatory Consultancy for Financial Institutions in London



Miura, through our SAS Based MIFID II Reporting Portal, can also support all Transaction Reporting, from MIFIR and MIFID 1 Reporting, to EMIR Reporting and also Executed Orders and Decisions to deal.
Miura Consulting (UK) Limited - Regulatory Consultancy for Financial Institutions in London


Other regulations

The Miura Regulatory Portal also covers most other financial services regulations, including CASS, MAD & MAD, EMIR, AIFMD, FATCA, CRS, etc… What this enables us to do is to provide a complete regulatory view of the organisation and to allow management to track their compliance to all their regulation at the touch of a button.

Miura Consulting (UK) Limited - Regulatory Consultancy for Financial Institutions in London